June 2017

Ruby and Roo Bunny

Hi everyone, hope you've had a good week!

This week I've been working on another WIP, this time the Ruby and Roo Bunny. Written by Emma Dickinson, I first spotted this Bunny a few months back and instantly fell in love with her.
I finally brought the pattern and had a good rummage through my ever expanding stash and dug out this beauty from Boo Polly Boo, called Winter Seasons, isn't it gorgeous? I love the contrast of colours and being crazy 8 I knew the stitches would look fab!

The pattern itself is well written, considering I have a habit of missing things, this pattern is robust even for me! The only mistake was when I was trying to crochet tired after a 4am bedtime after a few 'soft drinks'.
She worked up quickly and loved how the colours pooled and made it look even more lovely!

One of the amazing crocheters on Insta I follow suggested using a straw to provide structure to smaller parts when making amigurumi so when I was making the arms I tried it and it really helps, it is still fiddly but well worth doing!!

Do you remember the Pilsbury Dough Boy and his little podgy tummy? Well working up her little tummy just reminded me of him, so I decided I would add a little belly button once she was finished.

She took some serious stuffing to make her firm but really pleased I did as her ears are quite heavy and I think she would have had a wobbly head! Finally I stitched her body parts together & added a little heart shaped button for her belly button.

I'm still trying to figure out how to stitch parts to bodies without it looking too messy, so I guess I'll have to make another one to practice. So pleased how she turned out, she's so squishy and lovely, she would make a perfect gift for baby and adults!

Also this week I head off the London, whilst there I went for a cream tea on a traditional red bus! It was amazing the food was yummy and touring round London seeing the sights whilst drinking tea was great fun!!

Just started another WIP so watch this space for details!!


4 thoughts on “Ruby and Roo Bunny

  1. That yarn!!!! ❤ ❤ I don't make too many stuffed animals but that straw trick seems like it will be very useful. I also have a problem with attaching the limbs – not only are they messy but no matter how well I pin them in place they always seem to mysteriously move when I'm stitching them on! I would love to figure out a way to crochet the limbs on as I go so that they are part of the body. hmmmmm there's something to think about. My brain is already spinning with ideas for how to make that happen. I love the button belly button!!! She is a cutie with her big floppy ears!! 😀

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