June 2017


Hi guys, where is the summer going? I can't quite believe it's been so long since I wrote a post, although I've been up to fair bit of crafty fun, whilst I have been MIA.

So after my last post I went to Fibre-East, a yarntastic show held in Bedford, I've not been to this show before and had heard/read plenty of positive things about it, and after arranging with my crafting partner who has been previously off we went.
I certainly wasn't disappointed. It's held at Redborne Upper School and Community College, and is spread out over several locations. I find this a great layout, it gives opportunity to really explore the stalls without using elbows and feeling like you're being rushed, with that being said there are plenty of visitors and yarn fondlers to stop you from dawdling too long!
As ever I did know some of the stall holders that would be there, and always endeavour to write a list of people I'd like to visit, but I never quite get round to getting that list down, but we were happy to mooch round.

The above picture is of the skeins of yarn I brought, one from Third Vault Yarns and the other from Hey Jay.theyre quite muted colours for me of late, but u was completely sold on the Hey Jay Yarn as it was so beautifully soft and I loved the rest/pink hues. I don't quite know what to do with either but it will be a pleasure looking at them whilst I decide!!

Before think this is quite restrained for me I did also buy a project bag from Jibbyroosews, how cute are those sheep, how could I have said no to that, and whilst I visited Komodo Krafts I picked up this adorable pin! I also had a wee chat with Louisa the face behind the company, I'm seriously tempted to go on one of her Yarn Retreats. Have you ever been to one? Either from Komodo Krafts or another?

Have you got any craft shows plans this year?

Till next time have fun crafty peeps!!

June 2017

Ruby and Roo Bunny

Hi everyone, hope you've had a good week!

This week I've been working on another WIP, this time the Ruby and Roo Bunny. Written by Emma Dickinson, I first spotted this Bunny a few months back and instantly fell in love with her.
I finally brought the pattern and had a good rummage through my ever expanding stash and dug out this beauty from Boo Polly Boo, called Winter Seasons, isn't it gorgeous? I love the contrast of colours and being crazy 8 I knew the stitches would look fab!

The pattern itself is well written, considering I have a habit of missing things, this pattern is robust even for me! The only mistake was when I was trying to crochet tired after a 4am bedtime after a few 'soft drinks'.
She worked up quickly and loved how the colours pooled and made it look even more lovely!

One of the amazing crocheters on Insta I follow suggested using a straw to provide structure to smaller parts when making amigurumi so when I was making the arms I tried it and it really helps, it is still fiddly but well worth doing!!

Do you remember the Pilsbury Dough Boy and his little podgy tummy? Well working up her little tummy just reminded me of him, so I decided I would add a little belly button once she was finished.

She took some serious stuffing to make her firm but really pleased I did as her ears are quite heavy and I think she would have had a wobbly head! Finally I stitched her body parts together & added a little heart shaped button for her belly button.

I'm still trying to figure out how to stitch parts to bodies without it looking too messy, so I guess I'll have to make another one to practice. So pleased how she turned out, she's so squishy and lovely, she would make a perfect gift for baby and adults!

Also this week I head off the London, whilst there I went for a cream tea on a traditional red bus! It was amazing the food was yummy and touring round London seeing the sights whilst drinking tea was great fun!!

Just started another WIP so watch this space for details!!

June 2017

WIPs and Yarningham

Hello! how are you all?

Hope you’ve all had a good crafty week, I’ve mostly been working on my WIPs, particularly on my crochet socks.  I was adamant that I wouldn’t start another project till I finished one of my smaller projects, and as I had signed up to a Dyecandy CAL which some of the group have already finished I needed to get a wiggle on!! 

I will have a pair before Christmas

Well finally I’ve finished them last night (why is it though, that WIPs take longer to finish when your desperate to start a new project?!) incidentally I also seem to have finished them when we’re having another really hot day! 

I won’t go on too much as I’ve already written about this pattern in a previous blog post, but just to say I learnt that going up a hook size isn’t always the best plan and that these socks will definitely be winter/PJ day socks! 

So squishy!

What do you think? The yarn is completely the other end of the spectrum when it comes to my palette but really wanted something different. The yarn is from Oh, For Hooks Sake, a lovely UK Indie Dyer from up north. 


Last Saturday I headed off to Yarningham, a Birmingham based yarn show held at Stirchley Baths. In its 2nd year this show was just as good, if not better than the last, they had some amazing fibre artists and all manner of paraphernalia to meet your yarny needs. I went along with my friend, once we arrived it was already really busy, it was certainly time to bring out the elbows, I did find it tough to get a closer look in some of the stalls and I didn’t do a good job of taking any photos! 

Whilst there I took a modest budget and blew it as soon as I hit the Yarnisty stall where I brought a yarn bangle (these are handmade by Emma’s very talented other half) and when I visited Jo Knit Sew. Where I brought pants and yarn (what an awesome combo!!!). I also signed up to her 30 Shades Club after falling in love with her blanket on display! 

Pants and Yarn, what isn’t there to love?

Hope you all have a great week, let me know what your WIPs are! 

June 2017

Just Around the Block…

Hello there,  since my last post I’ve come home from my lovely holiday in Ireland, the last couple of days were spent in Dublin, certainly a different pace to West Cork! 

I don’t know if you remember from my last post, I said I liked to visit yarn shops when I go to new places, well I didn’t disappoint, this time I headed straight for This is Knit, a beautiful shop in Powerscourt Townhouse. Firstly I have to mention how amazing the Powercourt Townhouse is, it’s a beautiful and historic building with boutique shops and several nice eateries.

Stepping foot into This is Knit, I was surrounded by an amazing array of yarn and all manner of knitting/crochet paraphernalia! I headed towards the hand dyed yarns (I’m anything but predictable)  and had a good squish. The yarn I was particularly drawn to was Townhouse Yarns, which is handdyed in Ireland and is This is Knit’s ‘in-house’ brand of hand dyed; with a wonderful selection of colours and weights. I decided I wanted some 4 ply to make a shawl to remind me of Ireland so after a bit of a chat with the staff I settled on this beautiful skein, as it reminded me of the beautiful forest walks that James and I had been on.

I’m not quite sure of what pattern I’ll do yet but I’ll keep you posted.

Once I came home I was able to block my shawls, as I was desperate to see the Missed Kingfisher shawl in all it’s splendour I decided I would do that one first!

I was sure it would block big and I wasn’t disappointed, it was huge! I ran out of blocking boards so improvised with a towel.

The finished result is beautiful, the colours are really vivid against the grey yarn, and it feels lovely, just typical we are having a heatwave and it’s too warm to wear it!!

Till next time lovely friends ☺️

June 2017

A Good Yarn..

I don’t know about you, but when I’m going to on a trip to somewhere new I always do a swift search of local yarn emporiums. My poor other half is very obliging; he normally just nods as I excitedly explain to him where they are, and glazes over when I discuss what yarn/colours I would like to look for.

Having been to Baltimore before, I know that in the next town along there’s a little craft store, that I remember sold some hand dyed yarn. I have to explain at this point that I’m a bit of a hand dyed freak. A good friend of mine brought me a couple of skeins of handdyed from Cuddlebums a few years ago and I’ve not look back! That’s not to say I don’t buy any branded yarn, all yarn is welcome in my home! As long as it’s not the same texture of a Brillo pad, and has a good squish to colour ratio then in my basket it goes, project in mind or not! 

  (My prized stash) 

In a little section of West Cork Crafts, there is a little selection of Eve and Apple Designs, I had been given some last year for my birthday, so knew it was good stuff! I had a wee squish of the stock they had and being the indecisive person I am, I thought I would have a ponder.

Fast forward to the Saturday Market, and who should have a stall, but no other than Eve and Apple Designa! Yippee! So stuff all the delicious breads and cakes, I raced round. I love meeting the faces behind the yarns, however as I’m also a bit shy I normally stutter or get over excited and ramble! 

Eve was lovely and very accommodating, after some yarn chatter, I purchase the following beauties. Both are sock weight, the rainbow is 4 ply and the blue is single, I’ve not worked with single before, Eve recommend some amigurmi as it gives great stitch definition, so after scrolling through instragram and seeing the Rubyroohbunny by Ruby and Roo designs I’ve decided to make a make him!! 

What I’m Hooking now…

I mentioned in a previous post that I bought a Sirdar Colourwheel, well after finishing the WIPs I had brought away with me I decided to start on a simple cowl/snood, the pattern suggests a size 5 hook but I only had a 6, and actually I’m really pleased with with outcome! 
This yarn is really lovely, the colours are bright, transitions are subtle. I’m having no splitting when stitching and I think there is some lovely stitch definition, it will be lovely to wear in the cooler weather! Although I did struggle to find the yarn end from the centre, so gave up and went from the outside instead. 


Most impressively though my yarn seems to turning into different fruit & veggies!! 
 (Pineapple or carrot anyone?!) 

June 2017

A Little Piece of Heaven 

“Sure a little bit of Heaven fell from out the sky one day

and it nestled in the ocean in a place so far away

and when the angels found it sure it looked so sweet and fair

they said suppose we leave it for it lookes so peaceful there
So they sprinkled it with stardust just to make the shamorcks grow

it’s the only place you’ll find them no matter where you go

then they darted it with silver just to make the lakes look grand

and when they had it finsihed sure they called it Ireland”.   By J. Keirn Brennan and Ernest R. Ball

This is only my second visit to Ireland and I fell completely in love with its charm then. As this years holiday here draws to a close, I’m again beginning to reflect on some of my adventures whilst here, and also considering when I can come again?! Could we manage another trip before October?!

I’d like to share some of my pictures from my trip; when we arrived in Baltimore we had brought the weather from the UK with us and we’re hopeful of a few nice days, we headed to the local for a celebratory drink and a front row seat to the sun set. A few showers and drinks later we headed home!

Barley Cove is on the way to Mizen Head; it happens to be a favourite beach of my other half, his family and dogs and it’s hard not to see why. It stretches on, with glorious golden sands and the sea that’s is the clearest and most beautiful blue/greens that I’ve ever witnessed. It was really windy when we went, but that didn’t stop me from lying back, enjoying the sun on my face and listening to the waves crashing on to the beach. I went home with sand in my pockets and I think I ate my fair share too!!

Yesterday we went to Gougane Barra, here we did a short walk around the National Forest Park and then visited St. Finbarr’s Oratory. Despite the weather being against us, I can honestly say this is truly heaven on earth. The sear beauty and peace of this place will forever hold a special place in my heart. The colours, sounds, and smells are indescribable, I came away filled with joy, and an intense feeling of loving the colour green!!

Today we went on another walk, this time more local, up to the Baltimore Beacon. It was flipping tough going and a with few “James I want to go back” and “I don’t think my leg will get up there” we made it! It was like our own private spot, looking out on the sea and Sherkin Island.

With each adventure, I’ve been soaked in an array of colours, each filling me up with ideas and joy.

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.'”    —Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

June 2017

Emerald Isle

It’s the start of my second week in Southern Ireland, in Baltimore to be exact, which is about an hour from Cork. So far there’s been rain, wind, fleeting moments of sunshine, but over all an immense amount of beauty.



Along with me, I buried in my case 2 Crochet WIPs that I wanted to try and finish. The first is a shawl designed by Joanne Scrace from The Crochet Project, called Missed Kingfisher .
I had started this project back in February and with the beautiful yarns I had selected I am desperate to get it finished.
By the Monday I had (it was raining heavily and as it was bank holiday here, everywhere was closed!).


The yarn I used was Led Zep by Dye Candy and the grey was a solid from iknit or dye called Ziggy Stardust. I think these two are a match made in heaven, the Ziggy Stardust really makes the Led Zep pop. All that is left is to block it and then even if it’s sweltering outside I’m going to wear it! Although to be fair living in the U.K. I’m sure I won’t have much of an issue with the heat!!

The second project also a shawl; which incidentally is also designed by Joanne Scrace, is called Cherry Pi. I’m using a beautiful yarn from Rhapsodye Yarns called ‘Baby Powder’, it’s a delicate palette which I think would look nice on a light summery day or cooler evening.


I’m not far from also finishing this shawl either (yay me!), in the panic of having nothing left to hook, one soggy shopping day in Cork I went to Vibes and Scribes and after entering the Aladdin’s cave of yarn joy I’ve brought a Sirdar Colourwheel in shade 202, which happens to be the brightest rainbow I could find, take that grey clouds!!!