June 2017

WIPs and Yarningham

Hello! how are you all?

Hope you’ve all had a good crafty week, I’ve mostly been working on my WIPs, particularly on my crochet socks.  I was adamant that I wouldn’t start another project till I finished one of my smaller projects, and as I had signed up to a Dyecandy CAL which some of the group have already finished I needed to get a wiggle on!! 

I will have a pair before Christmas

Well finally I’ve finished them last night (why is it though, that WIPs take longer to finish when your desperate to start a new project?!) incidentally I also seem to have finished them when we’re having another really hot day! 

I won’t go on too much as I’ve already written about this pattern in a previous blog post, but just to say I learnt that going up a hook size isn’t always the best plan and that these socks will definitely be winter/PJ day socks! 

So squishy!

What do you think? The yarn is completely the other end of the spectrum when it comes to my palette but really wanted something different. The yarn is from Oh, For Hooks Sake, a lovely UK Indie Dyer from up north. 


Last Saturday I headed off to Yarningham, a Birmingham based yarn show held at Stirchley Baths. In its 2nd year this show was just as good, if not better than the last, they had some amazing fibre artists and all manner of paraphernalia to meet your yarny needs. I went along with my friend, once we arrived it was already really busy, it was certainly time to bring out the elbows, I did find it tough to get a closer look in some of the stalls and I didn’t do a good job of taking any photos! 

Whilst there I took a modest budget and blew it as soon as I hit the Yarnisty stall where I brought a yarn bangle (these are handmade by Emma’s very talented other half) and when I visited Jo Knit Sew. Where I brought pants and yarn (what an awesome combo!!!). I also signed up to her 30 Shades Club after falling in love with her blanket on display! 

Pants and Yarn, what isn’t there to love?

Hope you all have a great week, let me know what your WIPs are! 


One thought on “WIPs and Yarningham

  1. The socks are super cute!!! I know exactly what you mean about wips taking extra long to finish when I’m anxious to start something new. I’m in that position at least once a week!! 😀


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