July 2017

The British Wool Show 2017

Hi everyone, today my fella and I got up nice and early (well it would have been if our alarms went off!) and headed off up to Thirsk to the 2017 British Wool Show. I’ve never been to this show before and as it had been my birthday on Thursday I decided what the heck lets go, it’s only a mere 2.5hrs and 150miles away!! 
So with a project packed and the the latest Inside Crochet off we went. 

My Ruby Roo Bunny
Ewenicorn has a front row ticket

We arrived at the Thirsk Rural Business Centre in plenty of time, parking was easy and the Sun was shining down, things were looking good! With my ewenicorn and birthday money to hand there was no stopping me! 

We’re here!!

The show is held in a livestock market, which I happen to really like, I know it may seem cliche but I just think it adds to the charm of a yarn show and also allowed for some adorable sheep to be held safely. 

I didn’t have a strict list of stalls I wanted to go to, and as the show was quite small and not massively busy my plan of attack was to mooch round and have a squish! My only complaint really was that there was no map to help navigate round to specific stalls, however as one stall had already moved because of the smell (gotta love livestock/farm smells) I’m not quite sure it would be truly accurate! 

I headed over to meet Emily from Rhapsodye Yarns, I happened to have been chosen to crochet a shawl for her stall, which actually turned out to be quite nerve wrecking as crocheting wares for family and friends is quite different to putting your work out there for people to see but I knew because the yarn was so scrummy they wouldn’t notice my work too much!! Emily was lovely and her stall was jammed packed with beautiful yarn, and I couldn’t help it but make a quick purchase! 


The very talented Emily

Whilst there I also met Lola from Third Vaults Yarn, she was helping out and  modelling a beautiful shawl,  it was so lovely to meet them both in person. 
There were several stalls dedicated to spinning, which I really want to try and looking at the beautiful spinning wheels I’m already plotting where I could fit one in my flat!! 

My second stop was at Alice Yarns, I’ve followed Alice for a short time on instagram, after seeing her on the exhibitors list for the show, I absolutely adored her yarns, so soft and the colours were delicate. I really liked the result I got using Baby Powder from Rhapsodye to make a  Cherry Pi, so I brought these beauts. 

I had a lovely chat with Alice and definitely going to break out the pointy sticks again to make a Hitchhiker shawl and maybe  even finish my Winwick Mum socks! 

Cactus stitch markers from Alice Yarns – Why not?!

After a short Diet Coke break we headed back in for more, the lovely ladies from The Stationary Geek, and were very obliging to have their pictures taken with my Ewenicorn. I also brought some supplies to help organise me and my yarny adventures. 

Lastly I headed over to Lisa from For the Love of Yarn, I’ve met Lisa a couple of times at Yarndale, but never had chance to really chat to her, she’s incredible, her stall was scattered with beautiful shawls from the recent book Island Shawls by Lisa and Phyllis Sharp also known as Kindred Creations. I grabbed a copy of this book when it was first released so with the yarn I brought today it’s only right I make a shawl from it! 

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable show, I would decently go again, and plan a northern Yarn shop expidition too!  Roll on next year!! 

James trying to get me to leave!!!!!
July 2017

Crochet Socks – Black Orchid

Hi everyone, how are you all doing?

Well look at this we’re at the start of another month, where the heck did June go?

Some of my June makes

I’m gradually working with my ever expanding WIP pile, and June has been a busy one! This month I managed to finish a couple of shawls, a scarf and a baby blanket. I’m still working on Alice the Zebra from Edward’s Menagerie so far she has a body, head and leg!!

Alice the Zebra…well she’s meant to be

However I’m easily distracted and decided to start a pair of socks. I had caked up some scrummy yarn from Oh For Hook’s Sake that I had ear marked for the socks, I just wasn’t sure of a pattern yet.


So after seeing some lovely socks made to a Magpie and Goblin pattern on insta, I headed over to Ravelry and finally settled for their Black Orchid pattern, I was actually going to make a pair socks!!

The pattern suggested a size 3mm hook, but I decided to size up to a 4mm because A) I’m a tight crocheter and B) my Sasquatch feet. Working through the pattern the instructions were clear and easy to follow, I did stumble round the toe; but think this was because I was crocheting well past my bedtime! As soon as I got it I was well away, I have to say I love the overall effect, I finished the first sock this morning, it worked up quickly and looks great in the yarn, my only disappointment is that they feel and look a bit too big. I should have played about with the hook sizes and not mad such a big jump to a 4mm but in saying that I think they will be fab in the cooler months! 

Warm foot

Now on to the next one and then get back to Alice! 

Alice the Zebra

Let me know what you’ve been up to! ☺️