June 2017

Just Around the Block…

Hello there,  since my last post I’ve come home from my lovely holiday in Ireland, the last couple of days were spent in Dublin, certainly a different pace to West Cork! 

I don’t know if you remember from my last post, I said I liked to visit yarn shops when I go to new places, well I didn’t disappoint, this time I headed straight for This is Knit, a beautiful shop in Powerscourt Townhouse. Firstly I have to mention how amazing the Powercourt Townhouse is, it’s a beautiful and historic building with boutique shops and several nice eateries.

Stepping foot into This is Knit, I was surrounded by an amazing array of yarn and all manner of knitting/crochet paraphernalia! I headed towards the hand dyed yarns (I’m anything but predictable)  and had a good squish. The yarn I was particularly drawn to was Townhouse Yarns, which is handdyed in Ireland and is This is Knit’s ‘in-house’ brand of hand dyed; with a wonderful selection of colours and weights. I decided I wanted some 4 ply to make a shawl to remind me of Ireland so after a bit of a chat with the staff I settled on this beautiful skein, as it reminded me of the beautiful forest walks that James and I had been on.

I’m not quite sure of what pattern I’ll do yet but I’ll keep you posted.

Once I came home I was able to block my shawls, as I was desperate to see the Missed Kingfisher shawl in all it’s splendour I decided I would do that one first!

I was sure it would block big and I wasn’t disappointed, it was huge! I ran out of blocking boards so improvised with a towel.

The finished result is beautiful, the colours are really vivid against the grey yarn, and it feels lovely, just typical we are having a heatwave and it’s too warm to wear it!!

Till next time lovely friends ☺️


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