June 2017

A Good Yarn..

I don’t know about you, but when I’m going to on a trip to somewhere new I always do a swift search of local yarn emporiums. My poor other half is very obliging; he normally just nods as I excitedly explain to him where they are, and glazes over when I discuss what yarn/colours I would like to look for.

Having been to Baltimore before, I know that in the next town along there’s a little craft store, that I remember sold some hand dyed yarn. I have to explain at this point that I’m a bit of a hand dyed freak. A good friend of mine brought me a couple of skeins of handdyed from Cuddlebums a few years ago and I’ve not look back! That’s not to say I don’t buy any branded yarn, all yarn is welcome in my home! As long as it’s not the same texture of a Brillo pad, and has a good squish to colour ratio then in my basket it goes, project in mind or not! 

  (My prized stash) 

In a little section of West Cork Crafts, there is a little selection of Eve and Apple Designs, I had been given some last year for my birthday, so knew it was good stuff! I had a wee squish of the stock they had and being the indecisive person I am, I thought I would have a ponder.

Fast forward to the Saturday Market, and who should have a stall, but no other than Eve and Apple Designa! Yippee! So stuff all the delicious breads and cakes, I raced round. I love meeting the faces behind the yarns, however as I’m also a bit shy I normally stutter or get over excited and ramble! 

Eve was lovely and very accommodating, after some yarn chatter, I purchase the following beauties. Both are sock weight, the rainbow is 4 ply and the blue is single, I’ve not worked with single before, Eve recommend some amigurmi as it gives great stitch definition, so after scrolling through instragram and seeing the Rubyroohbunny by Ruby and Roo designs I’ve decided to make a make him!! 

What I’m Hooking now…

I mentioned in a previous post that I bought a Sirdar Colourwheel, well after finishing the WIPs I had brought away with me I decided to start on a simple cowl/snood, the pattern suggests a size 5 hook but I only had a 6, and actually I’m really pleased with with outcome! 
This yarn is really lovely, the colours are bright, transitions are subtle. I’m having no splitting when stitching and I think there is some lovely stitch definition, it will be lovely to wear in the cooler weather! Although I did struggle to find the yarn end from the centre, so gave up and went from the outside instead. 


Most impressively though my yarn seems to turning into different fruit & veggies!! 
 (Pineapple or carrot anyone?!) 


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